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Review: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

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Unravel Me has to be one of my top favorite book of 2013. It was also one of my most highly anticipated book and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. Tahereh Mafi has become one of my favorite writers and this book shows why.

Unravel Me picks up right where Shatter Me end. Juliette is thrust into Omega Point, where she is having a hard time adjusting to her new environment, which is understandable considering all that she went through in Shatter Me. We get our Adam swoons pretty early on and sighhh... If I thought I had forgotten how swoony Adam can be, he definitely reminded me that he is a pretty good competitor against Warner. He has a way with words and gestures that makes me putty in his hands.

I have to admit, that there were several times where I wanted to shake Juliette. She internalizes everything and she was moping around and letting everything happen to her. She didn't know how to be strong. Which brings me to my next point: Kenji. Kenji is favorite character of mine because he is not afraid of telling it like it is. So I loved when he told Juliette to snap out of and to go and do something. That she could either sit there and lament her bad luck or that she could go out there and save herself. She needed a little hard love thrown at her and he did a great job at it.

There were so many things that we learn that even thinking about it, almost a year later, still shocks me. Mafi did an awesome job at keeping her readers guessing all throughout the book. Like with Warner's father and his very surprising connection. Also, we learn a lot about Omega Point and it leader and how it came about.

And for my Warner lovers, the swoons we get in this book, HOMGGG. I get chills just thinking about it. Unfortunately, Team Warner also get their heart broken and are given mini heart attacks several times throughout the book. I worry how this is going to turn out for him.

Basically, this book has to be one of the best sequel I've read and I need for Ignite Me to come out already. I need to know what happens next after that crazy ending. Although I have to admit that I'm sad that I'll be saying goodbye to these character that I've come to know and love. If you haven't already read this, go out and buy it. Now.