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Review: Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi

Review can be seen on Books and Swoons.

Through the Ever Night was a great follow up from the first book, Under the Never Sky. It is one of the few books that I feel like the sequel is better than the first. The problems that I had in the first book are all gone. Gone is the confusion of trying to guess which character was talking. Veronica Rossi did a great job in keeping her readers entertained and invested in the characters.

Roar and Perry's friendship is one my favorites ever and I always love the scenes when they're together. They know each other so well that they already know what the other is going to do without having to speak first. I think that this the first time that I enjoy reading about a "bromance" more than about the love interest.

Not to say that I don't like Aria, because I do. Aria has grown so much since Under the Never Sky and you can tell she is a lot more confident and knows how to defend herself. Her relationship with Perry, I like how they don't need to be together all the time to know how much they care about each other. All they have to do is share a look and you know that they share something special between them.

Now, you know I don't like love triangles, but I think that this series might be the only one where I wouldn't mind one. Aria and Roar just seem to understand each other so well and always have a great time together. However, I would never actually want them to be together. I just think they would be cute together and I would want Roar for myself.

Basically, Through the Ever Night just solidified my love for Roar and after that ending, I would gladly help him feel better. I can't wait to see what Into the Still Blue will bring to these characters. I'm excited to see how Veronica Rossi will end this series and I just hope she gives them the ending that they deserve.