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Review: Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

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I had really difficult time writing this review and I spent weeks and weeks working on it and I still feel like I can't properly do the book justice. I guess I'll just break things down:

1. It doesn't feel like Young Adult
- Eleanor and Park are wise beyond their years
- There are issues and topics that are normally not seen or dealt with in YA books.
2. Swoony but realistic
- We have to remember that this is first love but I just found it to be so cute and made me all happy sigh and reminding me of my first crush.
3. Eleanor
- I loved her
- Strong and independent and doesn't change herself for a boy, not even Park. My kind of girl.
- I want to be a friend to her, she needs one. If there ever was girl that needs a girlfriend, it Eleanor. There were so many times that I just wanted to take her and hug her and just shield her from the world.
4. Where the hell was Department of Children and Family in this book?! Her mom made me rage. Richie = squm. Remember what I said about issues not normally seen in YA books? It comes into play here. 
5. Park
- The sweetest boy ever. Seriously.
- During the drive to Minnesota
- Broke my heart how sad and angry and hurt he that she was asleep. He was so conflicted. He wanted to spend time with her but he knew that she need to rest and escape for a little while. 
- Also broke my heart at how he was after she was gone. The feels.
- Loved how he fell in love. How things suddenly changed for him. So realistically done. Kudos to Rainbow for doing such a great job.

I really enjoyed this story. It was so well done and Rainbow managed to bring back all the memories of first crushes and first love and how exciting and nerve-wracking things are when you're a teenager. I wouldn't mind if Rainbow decides to do a sequel but it not something that I'm absolutely dying for. I guess my heart can only take so much angst. But on a side note, anybody want to take guesses with me and what those three words were?