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Review: If I Should Die by Amy Plum

If I Should Die - Amy Plum

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After the ending of the of Until I Die I was anxiously awaiting the last installment of the series If I Should Die. I was heartbroken after the second book so when I got my hands on this book I couldn’t read fast enough. The first part of the book was excruciatingly painful for me. I was suffering for Kate and Vincent. I couldn’t believe what was happening to them, I just wanted to fix everything and make it better.

So I read and read like a little maniac, and I reached a point in the book where I felt that the story got a little predictable. I was a little disappointed with this because I really liked the series so far and I felt that the series could have ended in a different way. I get why the book ended the way it did, but I still wished that it would have ended differently.

There were several things that I loved about this series. I love the feminist tone of the entire series. Vincent is very progressive as far a love interests go, he lets Kate try and defend herself although he is there in the background in case she needs help. I really enjoyed the series in general but I was a little disappointed in the ending.


Just like Nahomi said, after the ending of Until I Die, I had to get my hands on If I Should Die. After that cliffhanger, I was desperate to find out the outcome of one the main characters. The book picked up fairly quickly but unlike the previous book, I didn’t end up loving it. Everything felt predictable for me and I rolled my eyes so many times while reading. After a while, I just wanted to get to the end and see how everything would be resolved but I was no longer invested. There was so many similarities to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer that just turned me off. And when we finally got to then end, I found it to be very convenient and I still don’t agree how it ended. So overall, my favorite book of the series was Until I Die and I won’t be rereading this book again.