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Review: Bright Before Sunrise by Tiffany Schmidt

Bright Before Sunrise - Tiffany Schmidt

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*I received an eARC of this book from the publisher but it did not influence this review in any way*

I've been in a contemporary kick lately and after reading a couple of 5 stars books, I picked up Bright Before Sunrise. I enjoyed it and it was cute but I did have some problems with it. I did like how the story line follows both main characters, Brighton and Jonah, throughout the whole book as dual point of views. 

Bright Before Sunrise follows the story of Brighton and Jonah. Jonah is new to school at Cross Point and he is a bit of a loner who refuses to socialize with anyone. Brighton is a happy, friendly, nice girl that everyone knows and like. Right off the bat, Jonah doesn't like Brighton and everything he thinks she stands for: pretentious, judgemental, privileged, and thinks she leads the perfect life. Since he won't talk to her, Brighton has taken it upon herself to seek him out and get him involved in school. And she also has a need that everyone has to like her, so she's hell bent on finding out why he doesn't like her and then changing that.

I wasn't a big fan of Jonah, to be honest. He was a bit of an asshole to Brighton and I don't agree with how he treated her like crap and used her for his own agenda. He complained about Cross Pointe and how they judged him from where he used to live but I didn't see any evidence to back up is claim. Instead, I just I saw him judging Brighton and the rest of their classmates. I also didn't understand Brighton's and Jonah's attraction to one another. Throughout the whole book we see how little Jonah like Brighton and by the end I'm supposed to believe that he finds her irresistible and wants to be with her? No, I just can't buy it. I'm blaming the author on that part because I just didn't find it believable.

All in all, Bright Before Sunrise had a really cute concept and it was a quick and easy read. While it may not be a favorite, it was an enjoyable read.