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Review: Beautiful Beginning by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Beginning - Christina Lauren

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My rating: 5 stars
Nahomi's rating: 5 stars
Our Overall rating: 5 stars out of 5 stars


I think Beautiful Beginning has to be the best of all the novellas. It wrapped up all the loose end very nicely and left you feeling satisfied. Christina Lauren managed to end a wonderful series with all the happy feels and all my favorite characters happy.

Beautiful Beginning starts off with a very stressed out bride and a very focused groom. Chloe and Bennett are down to the wire with wedding preparations and Chloe is about ready to head off to Las Vegas. Bennett is more focused on keeping his bride sane but also on how to make their wedding night special. So he decides that weren't going to have sex until the wedding night. Which is 5 days away and Chloe, being who she is, decides she needs to fight Bennett on that and what ensues if a test of restraint for Bennett.

We get a glimpse of how life is working out for our beloved characters, Max and Sara and Will and Hanna. There were some surprising twists and lots of funny, laugh out loud moments. Beautiful Beginning left me feeling nostalgic but really happy where these characters I’ve come to love are in their life. I can easily picture them living their happily ever after.

“Straightening up, I pushed off the wall and patted his cheek. “I am excited. I like seeing that the only thing that will change after this week is that Bennett will a ring on his finger and my last name after his first name. I like knowing that you guys will continue to escalate this big testicle war. You and Hanna will continue to be adorable and giddy, Max and Sara will continue to be disgustingly in love. Bennett will continue to alternately rock my world and make me insane. It’s life as it should be.” - Chloe pg 122-123

Just like Chloe, I can picture them doing just that.


I completely agree with what Jenn said above, I really enjoyed Beautiful Beginning. For me it was the perfect ending to a wonderful series. Christina Lauren had me laughing out loud for the majority of the novella. And when I wasn't busy laughing I was busy swooning over Bennett, Max and Will. I really enjoyed how realistic Christina Lauren made the novella.

True to the series the sexy scenes were really HOTT but I feel that in this novella it wasn't so much the focus of the entire story, which is one of my many favorite things about this novella. I feel very at peace with the ending and where everyone ended up. A job well done by Christina Lauren, now I am left anxiously awaiting their next book.