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Mini Review: Officer Off Limits by Tessa Bailey

Officer off Limits - Tessa Bailey

Original review can be seen on Books and Swoons .

From the first page of Officer Off Limits, I was hooked. It starts with Story, the female main character, being dumped by her fiance. As I continued on, I was intrigued by Daniel, Story's love interest by how sexy and dirty he was. Maybe it too much information but there were several scenes that had me fanning myself, wondering where my boyfriend was.

Story (seriously, her name is Story, very distracting at times) was a like-able character and I found myself able to relate to her on certain things. Daniel is very UNFy at times but I found him to be a little *too*much of an alpha male for me. After sleeping with Story once, he doesn't want her wearing short dresses so no one can ogle her. It could have been a sweeter scene if he hadn't proceeded to carry her out of bar after stating it. If I choose to overlook that, which I tried, I can find him to be hot.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. The sexy times were very realistic and hot and again, UNFy. The plot was a little predictable but it not something that really bothered me. It was a good book to help me get out of the YA mindset.