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Review: Crewel by Gennifer Albin

Crewel - Gennifer Albin

Review can be seen on Books and Swoons.

I'd been hesitant to start this book but once I heard that Gennifer Albin was doing the Fierce Reads Spring 2013 Tourand was stopping in Miami, I had to start it. Once I got over my initial "what the hell is happening?" confusion that always overtakes me when starting a new book, I was sucked in and finished within the week. I haven't read anything quite like it. The plot is so unique and I'm so curious about the world of Arras and how the Guild works. I found myself so immersed into what was happening to Adelice and beyond, that I realized I was reaching the final chapter fairly quickly.

I found Adelice, the main character, to be an okay heroine. I like her but there's something that just stops me from loving her. However, I am curious to see how she fairs with the Guild. My only complaint is that there seems to be a bit of a love triangle. We all know that love triangles is one of the kisses of death for a book for me and it a very hated tool used in books that I wish weren't around so often. So, there is a hint of a love triangle but not really at the same time. But I can overlook it since it not all the book is focused on.

Crewel has such a unique story line and world and I can't wait to start Altered, which I got at BEA back in May. With the way Crewel ended, and it was very good, I'm curious to see what the repercussions of Adelice's actions will be.