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The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

The Beginning of Everything - Robyn Schneider

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The Beginning of Everything was a really surprising read for me when I realized that it was in a male’s point of view. I knew of the synopsis but it didn't really click until I started reading. However, Ezra is a really interesting character and I really enjoyed being in his head.


We all know people like Ezra; the one who have everything going for them and seems to lead a perfect life. However, in the course of night, everything changes for him. His girlfriend cheats on him, and he was hit by a car which ends up shattering his leg. He now has the struggles of coming to terms with what has happened. He can no longer play tennis, he lost his girlfriend, and is no longer the homecoming king. He is lost as to who he really is and what person hasn't experienced that?


However, things slowly begins to change for him. He becomes friends again with his old best friend, Toby. Toby and Ezra were best friends all through elementary school but it changed when Toby goes through his personal tragedy and they slowly drift apart. He also meets Cassidy Thorpe, the new girl, who Toby and his friends seem to know. While I like Cassidy, I can’t help but not be a fan of her. Yes, she helped Ezra into believing that there is more than to life than sports and popularity but I always thought that she was this know-it-all that was hiding something. She’s one of those characters that hides a dark secret but get everyone, in this case, Ezra, to spill their secrets. But when it comes to her, everything is off limits.


Once everything comes to fruition, and the secrets are revealed, I wasn't as surprised as by what Cassidy was hiding but I was surprised by what happens afterwards. However, I did like that it ended the way it did because it took Ezra to the place where he needed to be. He went through a tragedy, as he puts it, and he figures out what it is that he needed to do.


She was right, though, in the end. I never should have given her so much credit. It all got tangled together, her appearance and Toby coming back into my life and the first time I ever read a book that spoke to me, and the question of who I wanted to be in the aftermath of my personal tragedy. Because I made a decision that year, to start mattering in a way that had nothing to do with sports teams or plastic crown, and the reality is, I might have made that decision without her, or if I’d never fallen in love with a girl who considered love to be the biggest disaster of all......


She lent a spark, perhaps, or tendered the flames, but the arson was mine.


I really enjoyed this book because I feel like there aren't many like it at the moment. Yes, there are many coming of age stories but this was so well done that I just can't compare it to anything else. The way Robyn Schneider writes is sort of lyrical and Ezra is such a well written character that I became invested in his story and I hope he gets his happily ever after.


All in all, this was very good read and I really enjoyed Robyn Schneider’s words and can’t wait to read more from her.


*Note: Quotes were taken from an uncorrected copy.*