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Review: Keepers of the Zodiac by Sharon Wood

Keepers of the Zodiac - Sharon  Wood

Review can be seen here at Books and Swoons .

**I received this book from the author and as part of a blog tour but it did not influence this review in any way**

What attracted me to this book was its synopsis. I haven't really read anything like it before and then I was give a chance to read it for a blog tour. It was an easy and fast read and I really enjoyed the mythical feel to it. I feel like I should mention that while I really enjoyed the book, I had a hard time connecting with a lot of the characters. There are some really bratty teenagers in this book, yo. Maybe if we were given more time to get to know them and seen some character growth, I would feel differently towards them.

Syrie and Simone's romance happened a little too fast to be believable for me. It sort of came out of nowhere. I was really enjoying the book and on page 58, right after their second date, Syrie is telling the Zodiac Council that's he in love and he plans to marry Simone. Uh no. You don't each know her. And it might help if he tells Simone how he feels before making plans that include her without her consent and knowledge. But that's just me.

What I did see coming was that little plot twist at the end with Syrie and Raquel. Maybe not the same thing but I knew something was up. I did wish we were given more time with the Council and seen how everything comes together. But the cliffhanger at the end is very very interesting. I'm looking forward to reading the next book and I hope we get some answers.