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Review: Defy the Stars by Stephanie Parent

Defy the Stars - Stephanie Parent

This review can be seen here on Books and Swoons .

**I received a copy of this book from the author for a blog tour stop but it not did not influence this review in any way.**

As I first started reading, I found myself clicking with the protagonist, Julia. Julia is the good girl who always seems to do what she's told and doesn't question her parent's choices for her. The only thing she's passionate about is the piano and she spends the majority of her time either playing it or inside her own head. I felt some sort of a camaraderie with her and I was things to go right for her and I became her biggest cheerleader. When she meets Reed, I was so excited. Good girl meets bad boy and they fall in love is such a cliche story line, but I love it. Reed is a dark, broody and mysterious guy but he and Julia seems to have this spark that just pull them together.

Now I don't want to spoil what happens but after one night between Julian and Reed, my views of them started to change. I became really disappointed in them and while I tried to keep and open mind, I just expected more from Julia. She transform to this completely different person, she became a whiny, rebellious, crazy mood swings person after always being a smart, rational girl. I also expected a lot from Reed as well, he should have told Julia the first time and for what happens in the end? I was as angry as Julia was. He should have fought for himself and like Julia said "...but you should have tried anyways."

As these changes happened and I tried to put my grown-up wisdom aside, I realize what it was that the author was trying to do. Julia was this adult-like teenager that when she fell in love and started doing things out her norm, she changed. Julia had to trip, fall, and make mistakes so that she would learn for herself and come out stronger. The author created characters where you can see the changes they went through and that it was necessary for them to grow. So I have to give Ms. Parent her credit for creating such a wonderful tragic love story.