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Review: Covet by Melissa Darnell

Covet - Melissa Darnell

Review was posted here on Books and Swoons

An egalley was provided for this review from Harlequin Teen. However, it did not influence this review in any way.

Covet is the second book of The Clann series and Savannah and Tristan are just returning home from an impromptu trip abroad. We start off in a quick pace, we learn about what happened during Savannah and Tristan absence and the consequences because of it. After a heartbreaking event occurs, the story start winding down. It slows down and the plot begins to lag. When it pick up again, I was so surprised and I had to sprint to catch up with the characters.

What I did enjoy about this story is that Savannah wasn't as helpless as she was in Crave, she had some backbone. She wanted to learn how to use magic and so she dedicated herself to learning how to use it. She kept her promise to The Council and broke up with Tristan even though he fought against it. She also stood up to him when he refused to see that what she doing was for his own good.

Although, I did felt like some of the "secrets" that Savannah found out were fairly obvious. Like with Anne's ex-boyfriend's, Ron, secret. She didn't get what Anne and Ron were showing her, even though they had just explained it and so, Anne had to tell her. It feels like either Savannah is very much obtuse or that the author expects her readers to be unable to figure things out for themselves even though it had already been foreshadowed.

And just like with Crave, Ms. Darnell decided to leave her readers with yet another cliffhanger. I know a lot of series depend on cliffhangers but what bothers me about this is that the author is finally picking up the pace of the story and then she cut it short and end the book right when we're getting somewhere good. It like stop and go with this series. It doesn't have a good flow of introduction to climax to resolution.

I found Covet to be an alright read. I enjoyed it more than Crave and I think it had more to do with Savannah's dad and Ron, both of whom were very funny and diffused any awkward tensions. Other than that, I'll be waiting for book 3 and I hope that it'll have a much better flow.