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Review: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Paranormalcy - Kiersten White

Review originally posted on Books and Swoons 

Awesome. If I had to describe Paranormalcy, I would have to say it is awesome. I've had this book on my to-read pile for over a year and it kept getting pushed down the list. After one of the bestie started reading it, she had me read the first page and right away, I loved Evie's voice.

I think Evie is a really refreshing main character. Her quick-wit and her sarcastic, take-no-nonsense attitude reminds me Sophie from the Hex Hall series. It had been a while since a character made me laugh and giggle out loud. I love the fact that she carries around a taser that she calls Tasey and it's decorated in pink with rhinestones. Fierce with a love for pink? We would be good BFFs.

"I sighed. I hate the vamp job. They think they're so suave. It's not enough for them to slaughter and eat you like a zombie would. No, they want it to be all sexy, too. And, trust me: vampires? Not. Sexy. I mean, sure, their glamours can be pretty hot, but the dry - as - bone corpse bodies shimmering underneath? Nothing attractive there."

On top of the main character that kick ass, I love the secondary characters. Alisha, or as Evie calls, Lish, is the mermaid best friend. I giggled my way through a lot of conversations that Evie and Lish shared. I especially love Lish's reaction for the run-in that Evie had with the faerie ex-boyfriend, Reth.

"Bleep stupid bleep bleep bleep faeries and their bleep bleep bleep obsessions. He had better stop bleep bleep bleep the bleep bleep rules or I will bleep bleep bleep the little bleeeeeeeeeep."

I call that a really great friend right there, haha.

And another character I really like was Lend. He had a lot sweet and funny moments. He was protective of Evie but let her do her thing without hovering. I think the author did a wonderful job in writing a male character that sounded like an actual guy and not just a guy written by a female author. And I really found Lend and his ability to be quite unique. I haven't read anything like him.

Evie and Lend's friendship slowly evolved into a relationship and it was done really well. It did not feel rushed or forced. The way it progresses was very believable. The banter that they shared was really fun and only continued to get flirtier and flirtier.

"Just after the opening credits, he took my hand and wove his fingers through mine. I knew from the triumphant, happy flips my stomach was doing that, this time, we were holding hands for real."


He put one of his hands behind my back, pulling me in closer, then traced his fingers along my jaw. I was on the verge of hyperventilating, almost scared now that the kiss I'd dreamed of for so long seemed like it was going to happen. 
Our lips were only a few inches apart. Then his face went serious, and our lips weren't any inches apart at all.


He turned on the first disk, shaking his head, then got onto the bed next to me. "Small price to pay for getting to hold you hands."

I'm super excited about the fact that this is a completed series and I don't have to wait two years to find out how it will end. I'm looking forward to reading Supernaturally and Endlessly.