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Review: Few Are Angel by Inger Iversen

Few Are Angels - Inger Iversen

Review originally posted on Books and Swoons 

I was asked by the author, Inger Iversen, to review this book and after providing the me book and reading the synopsis, I was immediately intrigued.

Ella has been dealing with the tragic death of her parents as well as hallucinations that caused her to be hospitalized. The author did a great job in portraying Ella's grief and confusion in dealing with her parents' death and in one of her monologues, Ella expresses how she feels so alone. Ella has no close living relatives and she now lives with her parents' best friends. I felt so much sympathy for Ella and her loneliness. You can feel her sadness and loneliness seep through the pages and that's a job well done from Ms. Iversen.

My only complaint of the novel were with Ella and how she reacted to what she was told. Sometimes her reactions gave me a whiplash. She would demand the truth and when told, she would get mad. There was a scene in which Ella ask Kale to use his seduction on her and in return all she did was get at him for doing something she asked him.

I will say that Ella and Kale have a very interesting history; I was very surprised at how intricate it was. Although there where times were I was confused with how Helene and Kale ended up where they did. The storyline of Helene, Kale and the Dark Prince was so spread out throughout the novel, that it just confused me.

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series; I need to know what happens. However, with the way things ended, I have my suspicions of what will happen next.