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Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth

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This was one of the most anticipated book/sequel of the year for me. I counted down the days, stalked my mailman, and my mother so she could let me know if I had received my pre-ordered package (It didn't come until the 5th and I died a little each day until I had my hands on it). I completely devoured this book in one day. I was left expecting more and speechless at how it had ended. Ms. Roth did a wonderful in creating a sequel that lived up to its hype and I can't wait until the third book comes out next year.

I remember how I kept reading and reading, turning page after page, going along for the ride with Tris and arguing with her for all her recklessness and with Four as he only had a single-focus and wasn't able to bend to Tris' idea until the last moment. I was a nervous wreck time and time again throughout the book. My heart pumping with adrenaline and just not being able to truly stay calm until I knew everything would be okay. Unfortunately, that never happened.

I started to panic as I neared the end of the book as the pages dwindled but all of my questions remained unanswered. I was on pins and needles, just freaking out when "The yelling starts," and it was over. I then started yelling once I realized that was the end of my ride with the book. I was almost hyperventilating because I couldn't believe what had happened and how we could be left in such suspense for another year. I almost threw my book against the wall until my rational side told me not to abuse my beloved copy of Insurgent.

Ms. Roth created a world with characters that I love and trust and argue and laugh with, people that I consider friends and family. I can't help but wonder the kind of mess I will be in once the last book of the series comes out. One thing for sure, I am now counting down for the day when the final book is set to be release.