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Review: Let Me In by Callie Croix

Let Me In - Callie Croix

Original review posted on Books and Swoons

*I got this early egalley from Carina Press through NetGalley*

I thought this would be a fun and quick read and it was. I was curious to find out about Talia and Liam from what the synopsis gave us and how long this attraction been going on. I'm also a sucker for those old-cliche of "I really like you but we can't or shouldn't" love stories. This story did not disappoint in that department. 

When we are first introduced to Talia and Liam we can feel the attraction and sexual tension they have towards each other. And, let me tell you, Liam just sounds yummy. He is described as being well over six feet tall (hello!) with broad shoulders and dark-chocolate eyes. I like, I like. 

Talia and Liam know each other because Talia is friends with Liam's sister, Angie. So, Talia has an attachment with Angie and the rest of the Brodie family. Hence, this is one of the reason why Talia keeps Liam at arms length and they haven't gotten together. The other reason is her own mother. I won't say anything else, so as not to spoil the book. 

However, my reasons for this rating is the fact that Talia was not able to make up her mind and just kept going back and forth and playing with Liam's emotions. I can sympathize and empathize with Talia and her feelings of not being good enough for Liam and his family and just feeling insecure because of her family history, but after a while it just felt repetitive and irritating. Here we had Liam telling her and showing her how much he cares about her and how much she means to him and she just couldn't grasp it. I can't handle that much indecision in one book for the same reason. 

I definitely enjoyed the smexy times Liam and Talia shared. I also swooned over the parts when Liam was being a sweetheart and cared for Talia like she deserves. Basically, Liam won me over in this book and made it salvageable for me. But I'll definitely be giving Ms. Croix's novellas another glance ;) Who knows if she hiding another Liam in her stories??