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Review: Restraint by Charlotte Stein

Restraint - Charlotte Stein

Originally posted on Books and Swoons

I was on my way home from vacation and I logged onto Twitter and I see one of my friends tweeting about a free ebook on an author she loves. Now, I love books and I love FREE books even more. So, I had some spare time while waiting for my flight and I started reading it right away.

Restraint was exactly what I was looking for. It was short, sweet hot, and dirty. My many sleepless nights during vacation could only handle something in novella length and I enjoyed reading about Artie and Mallory. Mallory is a girl that I would be intimidated by because she is just very bold and will share stories about her sexcapades and I'm a lot more reserved when it comes to something of that nature. Artie, however, is shy and reticent and I hold a soft spot him my heart for him. But I enjoyed the, uhh...sexytimes that they shared.

For a first time read on Ms. Stein's writing, I'll definitely be checking out more of her other works.